Tuesday, December 13, 2011


There is usually some element of truth in my writing.  I adhere somewhat to the mantra, "Write what you know," with plenty of poetic license, of course.  I start with some character or event that is true in my own life and then weave a wild web of fiction around it  That way, I can more easily relate to the character or circumstance.
So, what in my new book BAGGAGE CLAIM is true?  Well, to start with, I have an incredible knack for losing my luggage when I fly.  Maybe it's just really bad luck, but an obscene percentage of the time, I'll arrive at my destination without my luggage.  Thankfully, I've never permanently lost it and never had any unexpected packages placed inside, though I've had to wait until the following day for it to be found.  Yes, like the main character, I have notoriously bad luck.  Unfortunately, it isn't just reserved for luggage.
Though I can relate to Rachel's bad luck and frustrating circumstances, she is not based on myself.  She is actually based on my younger sister, Janna.  Though not an exact replica, Janna definitely inspired the character of Rachel.  Janna is smart, sweet, beautiful, spunky, independent, and she could probably beat up any guy who had the audacity to be offensive.  When initially writing this book, I would think, 'Now how would Janna respond in this situation.'  Before long, though, Rachel took on a life of her own.
Finally, the details.  Believe it or not, scary as it is, all of the details including the fight scenes and the technology are accurate.  I am very blessed to have my dad as a technical advisor.  He is a ninth degree black belt and teaches karate around the country.  He has also taught firearms and close combat to various government agencies.  He also happens to be a computer geek and very knowledgeable of current technology.  His resume is so impressive it's unbelievable, and, added to all this, he is a fount of sometimes bizarre facts.  There isn't really a topic that he doesn't know something about.  I wrote or changed many of the details to be more accurate based on his recommendation.  Imagine asking your dad, 'Now how would I get out of a hold if someone had a gun to my head.'  And then have him actually have the answer and show you how to do it!  Hmmm, maybe I'm not so unlucky after all.


Livingston Hall Publishers said...

Great post...was wondering where you got some of the ideas in this book...I've been officially schooled since reading this book...awesome, action packed book with just enough romance to keep it real. Can't wait for book two!

JFrazier said...

I didn't know who you based it on, but I guess it makes sense! I guess I need to re-read it so I can see if that is really how I would react! :)

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