Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Enter to Win!

In celebration of the October 6th release of 'Red Hot Squeaky Clean Romance,' a $.99 compilation of 10 inspirational authors that includes the first book in my 'Yesterday' series, we are hosting an awesome giveaway with tons of prizes. The top prize--a Kindle Fire! Click this link to enter the giveaway!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Sherry Gammon Audiobook!

I love seeing my author friends doing great things! This is my friend, Sherry's new audiobook!

Unlovable is now an audiobook!! If you click here you can get the audiobook for free with a 30 day free trial of Audible on Amazon!! You can't beat free!!
Along with the release of the audiobook, I've redesigned the covers of the first two books in the Port Fare series. ( I'm designing covers now. Click here and check them out!) To celebrate the new look, I am giving away paperback copies of the entire series. 
Here is the new cover for Unlovable. I didn't change it too much because I really loved the original one. (Thank you, Paul Beeley), but another author came out with almost the exact same cover, including the coloring :'(
I kept the girl on the swing because she fits Maggie's story perfectly, though I did add flowers to the swing. The rest has been changed completely. I love the blues and pinks, and I've always wanted a moon on the cover. I also added Maggie's trailer in the background!
                                                             Here is the eBook cover:
And this is the Paperback
     This is the audio book cover.

 This is the new cover for Unbelievable! It's a real change. I feel this cover fits the story so much better. Lilah feels trapped by her domineering father and his demands. She desperately wants to break free...can't tell you anymore or I'll spoil the story I feel this new cover portrays Lilah and what she is going through in a much stronger way, and it seems to fit in better with the other covers. While I loved the old cover, and had a huge say in its design, (Thank you again, Paul) it seemed out of place with book one & three's covers. This one holds the same "feel," if you will.
Here is the Ebook cover:
And this is the paperback
Unbearable's cover didn't really change, only the back was updated.

So, what do you think??

Sherry's Web page
Sherry's Goodreads page

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Pre-order for 99 cents!

I'm so excited! My book 'Yesterday' is one of TEN books in this collection of Christian Romance! It is now available for pre-order for only 99 cents!!!

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